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Advantages of Flow Chart and How to Use It

What Is a Flow Chart A flow chart is the diagrammatic representation of a process that describes the sequence of different steps involved in that process. Flow charts are used widely in different areas to record, research, design, enhance and summarize extensive processes to make them easy to understand. [...]

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Performing an Internal Audit Effectively

Internal audits assist companies to achieve their corporate objectives by consistently keep their eye on business practices. The goal is to make sure that all the organizational procedures and policies are followed and if it does not then, it should alert the management about the gaps. Many companies recruit [...]

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What Is Quality Objective in ISO 9001

Firstly, let me explain what ISO 9001 is. The ISO 9001 is the worldwide standard for the Quality Management Systems (QMS). It is published by the International Organization for Standards (ISO). These standards have been modernizing with time, and the latest update was in 2015. The update that took [...]

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The Use of Kano Analysis for Customer Satisfaction

Who Introduced The Kano Model In 1984, Japanese researcher and consultant, Noriaki Kano published a paper with a set of techniques and ideas that help us in impelling our customers and prospects satisfaction and product development. Those techniques and ideas are commonly known as the Kano Model. Kano, the [...]

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ISO 9001 Quality Policy Definition

The quality policy definition is the quality that reckons in your company. Quality elements which are crucial to your business should be defined in your quality police included in any approach you take. These are elements that can be measured and monitored to follow the progress of your company [...]

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What Types of Check Sheet Are Used in Manufacturing

The check sheet is the effective, efficient, and simple way to depict data and information. A check sheet is a structure table, metrics table, or form for gathering data to analyze it. When the information or data are gathered in both quantitative and qualitative data, then the check sheet [...]

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