Advertising on Latest Quality

Online advertising on sites within your niche offers cost-effective and targeted marketing opportunities to the right audience.

We have available space on our site for advertisement purposes. If you have a product or a service related to Quality Management or Lean, our site visitors are the ideal target group for your business.

Latest Quality was started in 2017 and has been updated with a new article every 2 week since then. The result of the consistent work and updates on the site, means it has more than 12k per month.

We have two ways you can advertise on the site:

  • Link in an article: You can write an article for our site with a relevant topic and we will then post it with a link to your site. This is ideal if you want targeted visitors for a specific topic and increase your SEO.
  • Logo Advertising: You can add your logo and company description in our sidebar which is visible on every single page. This is ideal for marketing your brand, promoting your services to all of our visitors and increase your SEO.

If you would like to boost your brand and generate demand, then contact us for a free quote on the advertising.