The ISO 9001 management review procedure requires the senior management to periodically review the quality management system to guarantee its continuous adequacy, suitability, alignment and effectiveness with the planned direction of the company.

Why Should Every Organisation Conduct ISO 9001 Management Reviews

  1. To identify the need for transformation and improvement.
  2. To determine if all the objectives and policies are suitable.
  3. To determine and also assess the quality management system performance.

The final result as well as the reason for the ISO 9001 management review should ensure a continuous development of the QMS. As your company’s QMS rises in its efficiency and effectiveness, so will the performance.

What to Include in a ISO 9001 Management Review

The major factors to be reviewed are the internal & external issues as well as their probable impact on the tactical direction of the company.

Internal Issues

  • The targets, policies and objectives.
  • Outcomes of quality management system as well as process audits.
  • Minutes from the former ISO 9001 management reviews.
  • Examination of risk management activities.
  • The level to which goals and numeric goals were met.

External Issues

  • External suppliers and providers performance.
  • Improvements in science and technology.
  • Proposed or new regulations or legislations.
  • Altering the buyer’s market preferences.
  • New or changed services, products or activities.
  • Modifying requirements or expectations of significant interested parties.

Here is how you can conduct an efficient ISO 9001 management review

Make Thorough Preparation

Preparation and planning are important to ISO 9001 management reviews and just as well to every other parts of the business. Because the objectives of the management reviews are cautious analysis and examination, this planning starts way before the meeting. Some of the major components made beforehand are; following up on the previous reviews, reporting on procedures and processes, identifying opportunities for preventive actions, newly allotted corrective actions materials, the re-evaluation of the quality policy and a standing of continuous improvement of objectives and goals. With each consecutive review, the employees of the organisation should continuously refine their expertise in the gathering, analysis and the evaluation of data. The data that is being presented during the ISO 9001 management review should therefore not leave the organisation employees amazed. This requires thorough planning.

Modify the Perception of Individuals Towards Management Reviews

So as to make the ISO 9001 management review valuable, the organisation leaders have to destroy the perception that the review is a passive activity as this perception can lead to the demise of the progress that has already been made. The reason for conducting the review is to determine trends from the qualitative and the quantitative data to push the future activities and objectives while also identifying the numerous opportunities for development. Effective ISO 9001 management reviews are vigorous events which can completely transform the information gotten into positive actions.

Follow up on the Previous ISO 9001 Management Review

After every ISO 9001 management review, make sure notes are being taken. In these notes, any preventive or corrective action or items should be identified including both the item owner and the due dates. If needed, follow up meetings should be schedule to make sure those preventive and corrective actions are being carried out. Also, the notes taken during each management review should be sent to every concerned employee, this is to make certain that everybody is cognizant of the organisations expected outcomes.

Increase the Frequency of the Management Reviews

ISO 9001 management reviews should be held periodically in every organisation. This will provide the organisation the opportunity to amend quality goals and continuous development objectives in a timely way. In addition to that, the increase in the frequency of management reviews will allow the organisation to respond to any changes in real time and also makes the employees realize that the management review is an essential component of the organisation.

Efficient ISO 9001 management reviews are a time of combined critical thinking of the top management of the company as well as the employees and tactical planning so as to move the organisation to a higher level. Changing the management review from an inactive reporting function into a tactical planning prospect is one of the greatest contributions one can make to remain competitive and also advance your business.