Problem solving in the workplace is a special universal skill that any person or job position could use. When you are a leader at the workplace like a manager or someone in charge, then you must have some skills in problem solving. Employees at the workplace look up to their manager for sorting out problems so, it is important that a leader has this skill. As the manager, it is your duty to handle things in a way that minimize the occurrence of problems, and when they do, you must know how to handle them. Surely, every manager has some plan of problem solving in the workplace because we can’t live in a fictional world where there is no problem at all. Not every problem is the same in different workplaces but problem solving in the workplace could be done by following these seven steps of problem solving

Identify the Issue

The first step of problem solving in the workplace starts with identifying the issue. The manager should closely pay attention to what seems to be the problem. Analyze employee behavior, his or her attitude towards the problem, workplace policies regarding the issue and its solution type things. So, a close look at everything will give you a broader perspective to know what is going on. In this step, your focus must be on identifying the problem not on solving it.

Understand Everyone’s concern

Different people have different opinions and angles to the situation. This depends on their involvement, their job position, interests etc. The people could be inclined to a certain solution because of their various interests. Put your differences aside and listen to everyone who is connected with the problem somehow. A manager is supposed to be thinking of the solution that is in the workplace’s best interest. Even if a manager is moved by a certain situation, he or she must do what is best for everyone in the workplace besides his or her personal feelings.

Enlist the Solutions Through Brainstorming

It is one of the important steps of implementing problem solving in the workplace because it requires logical thinking and creativity to brainstorm different alternative solutions for the problem. Being a manager, you must enlist a few alternatives solutions for a particular problem. Think outside the box to come up with new and creative ideas. Go through with internet researches and a few entrepreneurial magazines to crack the problem and come up with some inspirational ideas. Multiple problem-solving options can be good because one plan doesn’t always work out. There have to be a few more contingency plans.

Evaluate Your Alternative Solutions

Once you have more than one options for problem solving in the workplace then weigh out important factors like money, time, resources, staffing requirement and the expected result from each one of the alternative problem-solving alternative approach. Make a list of pros and cons of every solution extensively. Then analyze which is the best possible solution for your workplace problem.

Select the Option

Once you have done the entire math, then it is time to select the solution for your problem. Normally, a manager would pick one problem-solving approach but in dire circumstances, the managers can go for opting two or three approaches or a blend of useful problem-solving approaches. That depends on what your workplace needs. If it is the blend of solution that is a satisfying solution at your workplace then go for it. If a single solution is enough then opting a single solution would suffice the workplace need. Whatever you choose, you must stick with it and don’t change your opinion under pressure because employees can be hard when it comes to changing a few things in the workplace.

Document Everything

In the workplace, a manager should always document everything. All possible approaches, their contingency plans, their follow-ups and everything else related to this. It is better because memory can’t last forever, and who knows when you need all the research.

Implementation of Problem Solving in the Workplace

Implementation is the last step of the problem-solving process. It is critical that you do it in the right way. Share with your staff members that how you are resolving a certain problem by using the best possible solution.