Employee Empowerment

In the current era, “Employee empowerment” has turn into the new hot topic in organizational culture. Although it has been embraced by big multinational businesses, there are still lots of organizations that are new at it especially in the developing countries. Employee empowerment consists of many key elements and yes it can be defined in so many ways, but in simple terms what this terms really suggests is allowing our employees to have more involvement for the running of our business in a dynamic way. It creates a culture where the employees have more say in the business matters and control over their work. It gives them the ability to openly share their ideas and action plans regarding their work responsibilities and the business entity as well. There is no doubt that empowered employees are more devoted, faithful and reliable. They are enthusiastic in their work and can play a major role of being strategic ambassadors for their companies.

Dr. Michael O’Malley, shares his thoughts in his book that “The bees’ highly decentralized form of government allows the workers who are closest to the information to act upon it immediately and make the most informed decisions.” Certainly, we cannot overlook the fact that in the beginning this whole idea of empowerment may seem scary. On the other hand, if it is implemented properly by an effective leader especially with the right team, one will be marveled by its countless benefits of empowering employees. Employee empowerment leads to a well-planned, competent group of people with successful accomplishments and productive results. Let’s review some of the benefits of empowering employees

Benefits of Empowering Employees

Enhance Organization’s Success

By gathering valued and direct input of the organization employee’s the most effective modifications we can introduce in the workplace are the ones that let employees to be more capable as there is a logical sense of balance between companies priorities as well as employees requirements. At times, the company owner has no idea of those solutions on his own that will benefit employees in the best way and influence the company’s success portfolio.

Greater Sense of Accountability in Employees

Because of employee empowerment there is a greater sense of accountability in employees. As they have to accept their responsibility at individual level. It presents the benefit of avoiding blame games and typical organizational politics as they don’t have the privilege of saying, “that’s not my job.” Since they’re independent and have the control to make decisions for the growth of the business so they don’t have the freedom of dodging their work responsibilities. To make it possible they have access to resources and the power to make decisions and take actions accordingly.

Better Attentiveness Level of the Employees

In addition to that, another plus point is better attentiveness level of the employees. They cannot be absent from their posts as employees are made in charge. It is their reasonability to make a difference in the organization with their direct involvement and productive input so they must be prepared, reactive, and proactive so the small issues can be addressed earlier before they become huge problems that are difficult to manage. Employee empowerment also proffers the benefit of enhanced customer services as their problems are resolved promptly. As indicated by the findings of a survey specially made by LivePerson, “82% of consumers say the number one factor that leads to a great customer service experience is having their issues resolved quickly.” This level of fast responsiveness cannot be experienced by the customer in the absence of employee empowerment. Customers don’t like to get their issues resolved by dealing with a complex chain of command.

Employees Represent the Organization in Positive Manner

In many instances, customers cannot be retained due to the fact that it takes a huge and tiresome amount of time to locate the exact responsible person for their complaints. Obviously one cannot expect happy and satisfied customers when they are annoyed by waiting to work their way up and have to share what is bothering them with a bunch of peoples again and again. Other benefits of empowering employees are they enjoy their work more because of the freedom and autonomy given to them and the same level of satisfaction is transmitted to their customers. Empowered employees are concerned about representing their organization in a positive manner. So if an organization makes a decision to make some changes, than it can count on its empowered employees to make sure that the transformations take place in the true sense.  Despite of the fear of trying something new, the benefits of employee empowerment exceeds the risks the only thing that is imperative is to implement it properly with the right team.