It would be challenging for you to juggle a dozen balls at once. Keeping track of all balls and knowing when to catch each ball would be difficult. If you miss just one ball, it could spoil your whole performance.
Project management is as same as juggling a dozen balls at once. Project managers are required to control a large number of activities as per schedule to complete the project successfully. Missing deadline and finishing the tasks out of the sequence would have a knock-on effect on rest of your project. Therefore it is necessary for the project manager to see everything related to the project is complete at a glance.

Using Gantt chart for project management

In this regard, Gantt chart is an efficient project management tool which saves effort and time by conveying information through visual representation. Gantt charts provide and instant overview of the project. The underlying concept of the Gantt chart is to schedule tasks associated with the project. It displays information in clear and easy to understand way. Gantt charts are useful for efficient resource allocation and for performance management.
This article will look at the using Gantt chart for project management. The article will also discuss how we can use Gantt chart to organize the project and to display milestones.

Brainstorm your workflow

Gantt chart provides an overview of the activities associated with the project. It is a kind of mind map which will let you write down all your ideas in one spot for great overview. Gant chart by providing a timeline to lay out milestones, deliverables, and individual tasks will lead you towards the completion of the project, and it will also provide you an overview that how long it will take to complete a particular project.

Break down the project into bite-sized tasks

Completing the project in one working session is hard. Gantt chart breaks the project into easily definable and understandable goals, milestones and tasks. Through Gantt chart, you can break the work in small chunks. Proper use of Gantt chart would delegate the task and share the responsibilities. These bite-sized will boost team morale and motivate the workers to improve progress.

You Can Set Accurate Deadlines

When you are using Gantt chart for project management, you are required to enter a start date and targeted end date, duration, key dates or milestones in the middle of the project. It is all about scheduling the task, but the Gantt chart will become more interesting when something unexpected will occur. Through Gantt chart, the project manager will be able to react quickly and flexibly to unforeseen events, and he would modify the schedule easily. In other words, we can say that Gantt chart makes scheduling and rescheduling easy with accurate deadlines. It is enabling managers to do precise planning with accurate time limits.

Clarity & Better Communication

Gantt chart enhances the clarity and process of communication between operations and management team of a project. Operations team require information for planning and management group need information to measure execution of a plan. The Strong process of communication and clarity is important for successful project management and Gantt chart speaks the language of both operations and management. Gantt chart by keeping everyone on the same place and by providing same information will reduce misunderstanding and increase the efficiency of the project. Same deadline, same display and same milestone and key dates will help everyone to know their area of responsibility.

Powerful Insights and Dependencies

Gantt chart provides powerful and meaningful insight into the performance and progress of each task of a project. Gantt chart display information about starting point of an activity and when it will be finished. It also defines similar information about previous activities and displays the expected time for the next activity. Gantt chart also displays crucial tasks or activities and possible impact in case of delay of activity on rest of the schedule. In other words, we can say that Gantt chart creates a link between activities or dependencies between different activities. It ties one task or activity with another task and allows the project manager to start a new activity after completing one task. Gantt by proving all these useful insights play a significant role in motivating project managers for performance.

Conclusion on Using Gantt chart for Project Management

Gantt chart is a great, simple and easy way of scheduling a project. Using Gantt chart for project management is part of strategic planning and effective management.