Mass Customization

Mass customization is considered to be the happy medium when the buyer wants you to make customized, made on order goods but you want to produce and sell the product at a minimum price to cope up with the mass manufacturing. In some cases, the buyers become really picky with their choices which in return pressurize the manufacturing companies to respond hurriedly that might result in some incorrect responses from the manufacturers. Such situations usually end up in companies quoting a price that they cannot afford. Therefore, mass customization is the best option where the manufacturers offer a basic amount to their customers and amount can be increased or decreased depending upon the features required.

Mass customization blends the individual and distinctive nature of custom merchandise with the increased levels of sales and production. The idea of Mass Customization is vastly great. Who doesn’t wish to be treated as a valued client, wherever your requirements are the most priorities? This notion of satisfying the customer’s demands specifically has been around for quite a while and has simply re-surfaced in a more convenient and advanced platform.

How to Implement Mass Customization

Adopting mass customization doesn’t happen without rigorous preparation and a huge understanding of its fundamentals, particularly if you’re retracing from a production background. The foremost necessary aspects that a business will have are gracefulness and a much better insight of supply chains so as to satisfy the customer’s specific demands and still manufacture expeditiously. In addition to this, including and effective customer-specific approach and being versatile are a key to inexpensively customizing an organization’s product offers and manufacturing them expeditiously.

Mass Customization Advantages and Disadvantages

Let’s continue and have a look at the mass customization advantages and disadvantages.

Mass Customization Advantages

Mass customization is more advantageous for the customers than the sellers. The benefits are as follows:

Unique Product

As the product is manufactured according to the requirements described by the consumer, the product formed is unique as it is controlled by the consumer. In a world where singularity is artifact, this will be incredibly valuable. In addition, the entire planning and designing expertise provides customers a way of accomplishment in finishing a product. This will also add immeasurable worth to the total expertise.

Elevated Customer Satisfaction

Mass customization promotes the formation of the product according to the customer’s desires and needs which increases the likeness of the finished products. Therefore it ultimately results in higher customer satisfaction.

Low Inventory Levels

Mass customization is also beneficial to manufacturers along with the consumers because the product is produced in the amount that is required only so it prevents the wastage of excessive product and ultimately results in lower inventory levels of unsold items. It also decreases storage costs.

High Profitability

Higher customer satisfaction results in higher profitability and strengthens business relation with the clients which encourages the consumer to come back time and again.

Disadvantages of Mass Customization

Like any other approach, mass customization has some limitations as well so it should be approached carefully. Some of these are described below:

Need of Vastly Adaptable Manufacturing Tools

Implementation of such methodologies can be really expensive and prolonged. However, some methods are more versatile and easier to implement than others.

Need of an Extensive System for Drawing out Client’s Desires

Unique and creative things require distinctive information. Drawing out such information is much more difficult than it seems. For example, asking the proper queries and taking the proper physical measurements.

Requirement of Direct-To-Customer Supply System

In mass customization, fulfillment is the weaker link just like e-commerce.

Clients Are Reluctant to Pay Much

Many people seem reluctant to pay the amount for customized goods. In each case, corporations should verify whether or not there’s a possible mass marketplace for custom options. Customers need variety after they disagree sharply in their preferences for some attributes of a product.

Underneath such circumstances, customization could actually add price. Products that need matching totally different physical dimensions fall under that class.

One factor that all corporations can do without acquainting significant prices is gaining a much better knowledge of supply chains, smarter collaboration and partnerships and increasing clarity in however your firm can customize its offerings to fulfill client’s wants. Addressing of these aspects can guarantee your producing potency is high because it can be without using specialist technologies.